• Christina Saunders

    Restoration Coach, Speaker, Mentor, Domestic Violence Advocate

  • Hi, my name is Christina Saunders and I am your Restoration Coach. I am here to equip women to move from pain to power after abuse. Motivating them to LOVE who they are so that they may walk into their divine purpose all while living a full and healthy life.

  • You must PUSH & PRESS no matter what things may look like!!!


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    Luv 2 Be U Christian Coaching

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    How many of you are struggling with trying to find your identity after tragedy? I am a living witness that you can find it be restored and live a healthy life. I will help you to move pass the pain and into purpose. I have also been in this situation. Not loving me stuck in my pain and un-forgiveness. I had to learn how to love me and move forward in life. Picking up the piece is not easy once you have been broken but restoration is possible.
    I had to go through a process of being broken and feeling like there was no where to go but up. My turning point was my surrender to God and then I saw things begin to change. He allowed my life to be restored in order to help others walk the path into their destiny. I then realized that my pain had a greater purpose.
    If you ready to move into a place of living out your purpose then contact me to schedule a discovery session.







    New Bern, North Carolina Area