• Speaker

    Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Mentor & Domestic Violence Advocate.

    Showing others that they can live a healthy life after enduring tragedy.

    Tired of feeling Stuck? Are you ready to move forward in Purpose?

    Learn the steps that Christina had to take in order to move from Pain to Purpose. I will share my story unashamed of overcoming domestic violence and how that pain walked me into purpose. How finding purpose turned my life around in order to live a healthy life after the abuse and you can too.

    Christina's presentation will show you how to:

    • Share your story UNASHAMED
    • How forgiveness will release you
    • That you have the power to turn your pain into purpose
    • How journaling will help you find your triggers
    • Self-examination helps you to see who you really are
    • How a relationship with God was the turning point in living a healthy life