• Testimonials

    Here is what some clients had to say

    Gina Duncan

    “I wasn’t really sure what my purpose was in this life until I took this Masterclass. During the class I understood how to turn my pain into purpose. I am now setting up to speak out about drug addiction and how it can infect your life. I am thankful for the class and the teacher.”

    Sha'Ron Green

    The Vision & Purpose Masterclass was an eye opener for me. I learned how my mind works as far as organizing goes. The reason why I was unsuccessful in my endeavors was because I started to many projects at once. Christina Saunders is a awesome coach/teacher. ”

    Tanjanika Ford

    “I wanted to give up and not even think about reaching my goals but you have given me life. Taking this course and following in the group made me get back in the race. Now God has made me unstoppable!! There is no turning back.”